Muawiyah Ibn Abi Sufiyan (RA), was the sixth Khalifa and established the Omawi Empire. He was known for his wisdom and diplomatic approach to solve problems and disputes. Muawiyah who ruled as the Khalifa for 20 years, once said “If there were only one hair between me and the people, it will never break, if

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7 Tips to get through Christmas!

Being raised in a non-Muslim country I grew up watching all the excitement and glitter that the Christmas season brought. The wintery warm feeling, the brilliantly decorated Christmas tree, beautiful Christmas cards, the delicious food and not forgetting the perfectly wrapped Christmas presents placed neatly under the tree.  A vision of warmth, family and peace…It was

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Wudu in 10 Simple Steps!

How to make Wudu

  Memories of learning Islam as a child were far from pleasant, with strict teachers and harsh discipline mixed with not being able to understand anything I was repeating or why I was doing it, made the whole experience quite traumatic.  I remember scary speeches of Allah’s anger and vivid images of the hellfire that

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