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Just Imagine...

Imagine putting on a DVD for your kids…then coming back later to find them praying by themselves!

Imagine your kids playfully singing the Arabic alphabets with clear pronunciation… without them even realising what they have learnt!

Imagine decorating their bedrooms with colourful posters…. and that night before they sleep they remember to make Dua for you!

Alhamdulillah, there’s no need to keep on Imagining… this has actually become the reality for thousands of our happy customers just like you!

Key Benefits...

  • Teach your children how to pray Salah step-by-step
  • Crystal clear Audio- Correct Pronunciation
  • Authentic Sources - No need to worry
  • Children love to watch and copy Ali and Sumaya
  • No need to nag and pressure kids to learn - Kids actually ask to watch this!

Exclusive Ali and Sumaya DVD Bundle


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Here's all the items you'll get in the Complete DVD Set

Let’s Read DVD

Value £14.99

Ali and Sumaya Lets Read DVD teaches children how to read the Holy Qur’an according to the rules of Tajweed in a fun and simple way. With fantastic visuals to help understand Tajweed, kids will be truly inspired to read the Holy Qur’an insha’ Allah!

Includes: Story of Qur’an, A5 colour booklet, Read along with Ali and much more. (Total Running time 54 mins)

Let’s Pray DVD

Value £14.99

Ali and Sumaya Lets Pray DVD explains step by step why and how to pray in a fun and simple way. With beautiful recitation that will inspire your kids to love to pray, insha’Allah

Includes: Story of Salah, Wudu, Athaan, Salah, A5 colour booklet, Quiz and much more. (Total Running time 54 mins)

Value £3.99

Daily Dua's Poster

A2 full colour Dua poster for children.  Listing your daily duas in a fun and stylish format to stick on your wall.  Your kids will easily memorise the duas and earn so much rewards insha’Allah.

Value £3.99

Alphabets Poster

The Arabic Alphabets in a colourful A2, easy to learn format. Includes the letters in their different positions.”Scan to Listen” Use your smart device to scan the QR code and listen to the Alphabet song! *Requires free QR reader App

* A2 Posters folded into A4 card backed envelopes ensuring high protection and low delivery cost for our customers.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It

Here's what our Customers have to say...

My seven year old grand daughter got this DVD as an eid gift. She learnt to pray within a week and she is praying, Alhamdulillah and Jazakallah kheiran to you, great job. May Allah swt reward you.”

Sister Shahida
Sister Shahida London

They have created an exciting range of DVDs and apps that use the latest technology to produce INCREDIBLE quality animation. I mean …it’s AMAZING! There is nothing like it in the market today.

Gemma Elizabeth
Gemma Elizabeth OurMuslimHomeschool

“Just wanted to say this is DVD is a must for children, I put it on every night for my 3, 5 and 7 year old and Mashallah the 5 & 7 year old have learnt to pray exactly like Ali and Sumaya. May Allah reward you all for producing this excellent DVD”

Sister Atia
Sister Atia London, UK

“I wished I had such a DVD to teach me how to pray when I was growing up.”

Bilal Auckbar
Bilal Auckbar Greenwich

Let’s Read shows learning Quran to children in a whole new light, blending modern day lifestyles with traditional approaches. The Rollercoaster scene was a real treat for my fur year old!

 Zaheer Khatiri
Zaheer Khatiri CEO Learning Roots

As a Year 1 class teacher working in a Muslim school, I found the computer animated DVD to be an excellent, exciting and interactive tool; in helping my class of 5 year olds learn to pray. It beautifully supported the school’s existing methods/resources dealing with the subject of I’badah. The characters, Ali and Sumaya were the perfect role models. My class immediately identified with Sumaya as they too wanted to learn how to pray and therefore they loved joining Sumaya on her learning journey. We were all impressed with the high quality graphics, the beautiful age appropriate Qur’an recitation and also the non-instrumental Nasheed. This wonderfully presented step-by-step wudu and Salah guide was both fun and informative; enabling the children to feel more confident about Salah and also their Muslim identity. Prayer forms one of the most important pillars of Islam, cementing our relationship with Allah (swt) and therefore it is crucial that young children from the outset receive a positive introduction to Salah and the DVD successfully achieves this. I strongly recommend this DVD. Finally, May Allah (swt) reward its talented founders, Masha’ Allah.

 Mrs Shanaz Begum
Mrs Shanaz Begum Olive Tree Primary School, London

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