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Our Courses

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Qur'an: Juzz Amma

In this course you will learn and memorise all 36 Surah's in the 30th Juzz of The Holy Qur'an. Just listen to the beautiful and clear recitation of the Qur'an, then repeat with Imam Basheer and Ali as we have fun, learning the book of Allah one verse at a time!

Reading Arabic

Just read along as we learn how to read Arabic. We’ll start at the beginning learning each letter of the alphabet. Step by step we’ll continue learning together until we can read the Holy Qur'an with precise Tajweed and Makhaarij Insha’Allah!

Daily Duas

In this course, you will learn what Dua actually is and the importance of making Dua. You will learn all the important Dua's to read every day that should become part of your child's everyday life for the rest of their life, full of good deeds and gaining Allah's pleasure!


In this course, you will learn how to pray Salah Salah is the Muslim's prayer. In Salah you have to read special recitations and move into different positions. Pay attention and follow me. I will have you praying in no time Insha'Allah

99 Names of Allah

Welcome to the 99 Names of Allah course. The Prophet SWS said: that whoever learns the 99 names of Allah will enter Jannah! Come on, let’s learn these beautiful names together insha’Allah!

Brand New Content Added Constantly!

We will also build on our existing courses and add Brand New Content constantly on important topics such as: Manners, Arabic Language, Hadith, Islamic Belief, Life of Muhammad SWS…and much more, Insha’Allah.


Hear from some of our great members!

"Very Productive and Educative Maa-Sha Allah.  We are very grateful for using such an amazing app for Schooling our children. Alhamdulillah! Thank for greeting and facilitating this. Jazak Allah Khair"

Ceesay1 UK

"My daughter is autistic which poses challenges/anxieties with learning in traditional classroom settings. The Ali and Sumaya School has made it possible for her to enjoy learning deen and forge a positive emotional connection with the Qur'an."

Jackie Baker Canada

"Alhamdullilah, a very complete and engaging product. My six year old son asks me to use the app almost every day."

S Seetal Canada

"The children absolutely adore it, and really look forward to doing their lessons! I have seen an incredible shift in their attitude towards learning the Islamic sciences. When I announce that it’s time for Ali and Sumaya school, they rush to get to the computer and watch one another do their lessons."

Gemma Elizabeth UK

"I would say it is an amazing app for kids to learn about islam - Salah, reading Quran, duas etc. My daughter is thoroughly enjoying it and benefitting ma sha Allah. The reward system can be improved to make it more engaging and exciting for kids. Teaching techniques and quizzes are quite effective, revision points can help retain knowledge gained. Animation & content are perfect."

Abu Hamed M Ismail UK

"Watching Ali and Sumaya let us pray and learning Quran has been my 6 years old companion since they were bought. People are marveled at the way she read and practiced virtually everything in the DVD masha Allah. The upcoming school will become a global thing Insha Allah. This group has positively impacted my daughters life islamically. Masha Allah"

Lateef Rashidat Abuja, Nigeria

"Ma shaa Allah i have been using it for sometime now and it has helped my 5 year old gain knowledge in a fun and interactive way."

Z Hussein UK

Frequently Asked Questions

My Children already go to Madrasah, Do they really need this? +

My Children already go to Madrasah, Do they really need this?

As experienced Islamic teachers ourselves, one of the common problems parents face is children do not practice, revise, or study throughout the week until their lesson on the weekend. Our school supports their learning at Madrasah, by allowing them to revise and practice at home before attending Madrassah.

Can I leave them to it? +

Can I leave them to it?

Just like regular school, parents need to make sure their children keep up attendance and complete their lessons. To make the most out of this service, we suggest parents make sure their children sign in at least twice a week and complete their lessons. Please also make sure to reward them when they are doing well and encourage them when they are struggling. This will keep them motivated to continue studying insha’Allah.

Our school is fun and engaging. Imagine cartoon characters being the teachers and you’ll get an idea of what our lessons are like. Each lesson is bitesize and we send a “take a break” reminder every 20 minutes, as we understand that children have a limited attention span. For children that can’t sit still, we recommend that a parent or sibling sits with them while they have their lessons until they develop more self control insha’Allah.

Is this a real school? +

The Ali and Sumaya School is an online learning website with interactive lessons. Children can learn at home and at the times, you choose. There is no physical building or live teachers.  It is similar to Mathletics and Reading eggs platforms.

Can Adults and Teenagers use the School? +

Can Adults and Teenagers use the School?

Yes, In fact many adults prefer to learn using our material because our content is simple and taught in a step-by-step way. Many parents have contacted us saying that they bought our content for their children but have actually learnt more themselves, Alhamdulillah!

My child dislikes Saturday school and doesn't learn much, why? +

My child dislikes Saturday school and doesn't learn much, why?

Many Madrasahs tend to host large groups of children and do not always have the ability to focus on each child’s individual needs in addition, not all children do well in large groups. Our website supports your child 1 to 1. You will be able to track their progress and know where they need extra help. The website allows your child to repeat and practice as many times as they need without any pressure. This helps increase their confidence and self-esteem.

Any further questions? +

Any further questions?

Still not sure about anything? Contact us on via email; [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help insha’Allah:)


Authentic Sources

All material produced for the Ali and Sumaya School has been carefully selected based on the Holy Qur’an and authentic Sunnah of our beloved Messenger SAW. We pay special attention to verifying our sources and check authenticity before including any material in our school.  We consult with a team of renowned Sheikhs who verify our material and content, so there’s no need to worry, you’re in safe hands!

We use high quality 3D computer animation, with cutting edge technology. We believe that our children deserve the best, and we are striving to give them that. Our content not only entertain but also inspire our young viewers to learn and understand teachings of Islam in a fun and loving way.

Uniquely our content consist of spiritual sounds designed to uplifting the soul insha’Allah.  No musical instruments are used in our productions.

We use the latest 2048-bit security to keep your details secure.

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